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The "Cashflow Blueprint Course" is only the beginning of the practical, hands-on, real-world style Larry Harbolt brings to each of his seminar and personal coaching students. 
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Have you struggled trying to figure the repair costs for your rehab project or your rental property in order to maximize your profit?

How about trying to work with sellers directly without infringing on the regulations of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2014? Did you know you even needed to worry about that legislation as a real estate investor?

Have you wanted to try your hand at raising capital instead of crawling to the bank but have no idea where to find “financial friends”?
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You might have had some mediocre success so far, but it’s nowhere near what you need to achieve that dream of escaping the “rat race”.
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Understanding the nuances of creative financing and finding those opportunities is a struggle for most, if not all, real estate investors in the beginning. All our lives we’re given a rigid structure for our financial future that is considered “the norm”: work a 9-5 job, save money for retirement, go to a bank to get a mortgage, continue in that same soul-sucking job until retirement, and then at 70 use the last remaining years to fulfill our dreams.

Does that broken system sound familiar?

Then keep reading!
Larry has developed an in-depth guide to super-charging your business, covering everything from the marketing campaigns he uses himself at the beginning of a deal all the way to how to write the most profitable offers. 
The CASHFLOW FOUNDATIONS COURSE is a full course covering all the important staples of a successful real estate investing business. He shares all the secrets of his own business, which has thrived for well over 37 years. 
This course is designed to take you from complete newbie to savvy negotiator FAST and walks you through the complete process of finding, analyzing, negotiating, and acquiring property. 
If your goal is to increase your passive income or your real estate business in general, this course will be the catalyst to push yourself and your business up that plateau to the next clearing.
Imagine what it would be like to have the ability to spontaneously take your family anywhere in the world on a whim and not have to worry about how to pay for it.

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For the past 37 years, Larry has made it his personal mission to give back to the investing community by becoming an educator. He has had thousands of students in his live boot camp seminars in Tampa, Florida, as well as long distance through his online courses. He has helped countless hopefuls fire their bosses and take control of their own lives for themselves and their families.
Marketing Ideas to Find Deals: 
Deals are not only constructed at real estate investment associations. Inside the course you’ll find ideas on who in your neighborhood or city is desperate need of your help
How to Figure Repair Costs:              
You can’t always depend on contractors to  be available exactly when you need them. The ability to estimate your repair costs is crucial to crafting a deal that profits both you and your seller
 The Negotiating Skills You NEED:         
Negotiation is the crux of your business, just as crucial as analyzing deals  and understanding the closing process. Once you conquer your fear of  negotiation, opportunity is literally only a phone call away
The Power of Leverage: 
Banks are not your only source of funding. The skills you learn in this course will open your eyes to the other funding sources available right around you
 Create An Income Stream:                 
In order to build a successful real estate investing business, you need to understand every investor market and the costs of ownership  associated  with each one in order to determine what bests fits with your investing  needs 
The CASHFLOW FOUNDATIONS COURSE is a complete system derived from 37 years of refinement and market research by legendary real estate educator, Larry Harbolt.

Larry covers these same techniques and elements of investing at speaking engagements across the country, as well as at his boot camp seminars in his home town of Tampa, Florida. 

These expansive lessons, shortcuts, scripts, and forms included in this lesson have allowed Larry and his students to create portfolios ranging from single-family properties to sprawling apartment buildings.
Inside the course you’ll get:
The entire CASHFLOW FOUNDATIONS COURSE course, a $517 value
In-depth audio lessons, a $197 value
The downloadable CASHFLOW FOUNDATIONS COURSE e-book, a $69 value
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Larry’s e-book bonus, "4 Strategies for Seller Financing with Dodd-Frank”.

This e book will take you through the recent regulations enacted in the Dodd-Frank Act in details

The 4 Strategies for Seller Financing with Dodd-Frank e-book will help de-mystify the DO’S and DON’TS of seller financing and how to build your business within the letter of the law.

All of this is just one payment of $297.

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